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Gana el "Player" 2
That's me, a (actual_year – 1988) years old boy who always love draw, since i was a child. After play Megadrive's Sonic the Hedgehog, I fall in love with the design of the levels, so I started to draw them, even create my own levels and story...
That's how my passion grows inside me. Now, I draw a lot of stuff, developing a special manga style on all my works.

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Chrono Cross HD: Lynx, the feline demi-human. by 2PlayerWins
Chrono Cross HD: Lynx, the feline demi-human.
Lynx is the main antagonist of Chrono Cross. He serves as Serge and his party's main nemesis. He was, at one point in time, Serge's biological father Wazuki until he was corrupted by the FATE supercomputer.

He is the biological emissary of the FATE supercomputer. Lynx was shaped from Serge's father, Wazuki; when Wazuki took Serge to be healed by the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis, he was corrupted by its emanations and subsequently was subject to mind control by the FATE supercomputer. Since the Prometheus Circuit locked FATE's access to the Frozen Flame, FATE shaped Lynx with the objective of killing Serge and restoring the connection. Total control was achieved in 1010 A.D., the year in which FATE had Wazuki attempt to drown his son. Regardless of whether it succeeded in either dimension, this effectively wiped the last remnants of Wazuki's mind and care for Serge, allowing him to be physically reconfigured to resemble the panther demon that attacked Serge in 1006 A.D. Lynx had a sentience and personality out of his own apart from FATE; he became sadistic and manipulative, motivated only to achieve his goal while sating his own sick desires in the process. In Another World, FATE reasoned that Serge would cross the dimensions in 1020 A.D.; Lynx was called back to set up events that would take advantage of this fact. He was sent abroad to Porre and home to Viper Manor in order to play the two parties to set up FATE's plan; he was joined by Harle around this time, who accompanied him.
FATE grew impatient in 1015 A.D., and sent Lynx to Lucca's house to abduct the famous scientist and use her to disengage the Prometheus Circuit. Lynx set fire to the entire orphanage, nearly killing all the children in the process.

Lynx, the feline demi-human! ]
Chrono Cross HD: Glenn, the Acacia Dragoon. by 2PlayerWins
Chrono Cross HD: Glenn, the Acacia Dragoon.
Glenn is a powerful member of the Acacia Dragoons known for being the brother of Dario and the future heir to the Einlanzer sword.

He was born to Garai in 1000 A.D., and was raised in a log cabin with Dario, his brother. During his youth, he made friends with the Acacia Dragoon gang, including Karsh and Riddel. He was known by his older compatriots for being hotheaded at times and also loving Viper Churros with a passion. Others recognized that he would be forced to grow up in the shadow of his brother; he frequently trained to match Dario's strength, and participated in the Viper Tournament of Swords. As he grew into an adolescent, Glenn continued to dream of becoming a strong Dragoon, even though Dario was killed in 1017 A.D. Riddel and Glenn often accompanied one another on trips to venerate Dario at his grave in Termina. By 1020 A.D., Glenn had become a formidable member of the junior Acacia Dragoon ranks; after Lynx befriended General Viper, he became wary of the visiting dignitary and began to suspect a plot. When Viper and the others retreated to Fort Dragonia, he stayed behind.

Serge found him in Termina and convinced him to join his own voyage to the fort. After the Dragon Tear shattered, Glenn returned to his former home in Termina. He eventually rejoined Serge's party, wielding the holy Einlanzer. While in Termina of Another World, he felt an impulse from the Einlanzer at Dario's grave there, and took it up to wield both at once.

With the company of Riddel, he fight againts Chaos, but he feels that's not his only goal... Something more is written in his destiny.
"His pursue will be reached, but he'll lose something dear".

Chrono Cross HD: Glenn! ]
Jorge: Master of the Body Pump. by 2PlayerWins
Jorge: Master of the Body Pump.
La esperadísima batalla épica entre Jorge, el maestro del Body Pump y Pineda, campeona de España de Karate, ha comenzado.

Jorge intentará por todos sus medios frenar a la imparable Pineda, artista en todas las artes marciales, con la ayuda de su barra de Body Pump y su agilidad.
¿Quién logrará hacerse con la victoria? Pineda no lo va a poner fácil, pero poner tanto peso en sentadillas, puede que finalmente de sus frutos.

Porque vosotros lo valeis. Es una pasada empezar las mañanas y hacer ejercicio con vosotros dos, ya lo sabeis, que hacerme madrugar no es fácil. ¡Nos vemos!

Jorge, the master of the Body Pump! ]
Chrono Cross HD: Kid, a mysterious traveler. by 2PlayerWins
Chrono Cross HD: Kid, a mysterious traveler.
Kid was born in 1004 A.D. She was sent to the modern world and there, she was found by Lucca and subsequently adopted. Lucca soon established an orphanage and brought in other children. She also continued her scientific research, attempting to perfect the construction of Time Eggs. Kid developed a playful pirate accent while in Lucca's care. Lucca sought to make her a proper lady, but Kid had her own fun way of speaking. Tragedy, around 1015 A.D., Lynx and Harle sacked the orphanage and burned it to the ground. Kid managed to survive by escaping; she was scarred by the event and swore to get revenge on Lynx. She also took up thievery, developing a nasty reputation and inspiring the urban legend of the Radical Dreamers, a fierce group of raiders.

Kid's story here becomes complicated; sometime after 1015 A.D., she was probably contacted by Belthasar. Given instructions to go back in time to 1010 A.D. and save a young boy from drowning, she somehow accomplished the feat of going to Opassa Beach and traveling back through history. Her act of time traveling caused the Home World dimension to emerge and split off from the real history of the world, Another World. As a result, history was rewritten. Kid's history was slightly altered so that she met Serge after he crossed the dimensions days before she was given the instructions to time travel. She caught wind of the order given to the Acacia Dragoons by Lynx to apprehend a "Ghost-Boy" at Cape Howl.

Kid helps Serge to fight against Arcadia Dragoons and now, to save the world with the others Cosmos' Warriors.

Chrono Cross HD: Kid! ]


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renzo-senpai Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
I have a question. Do you know how to export sub-models like Kefka's ex-mode model with Noesis? Because I am lost.
2PlayerWins Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Try with "Export from previwe" instead the normal mode.
renzo-senpai Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
I tried this but the model won't be T-pose (T-pose slightly downward arms) when I do "-gmobasepose" in the advanced command. The regular "Export" works fine tho but it won't export the Ex-mode ones (Sub-model) just the normal one (first on screen. Ex: Cecil's Dark Knight)
2PlayerWins Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Ex mode and normal Kefka, for example, has the same skeleton, so, if you know how to extract a T Posed model, you can make Ex mode kefka to load the T-based pose of the normal one, and then export it. I think that the typical 'Drag and Drop' works in Noesis, so, try to load the Ex Mode kefka and drago and drop on it the T posed one.

Hope it works!
SoundPrincess Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
hola Love 
2PlayerWins Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
¡Hola! Jajaja
dragonsden22 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
solo en emulador?
2PlayerWins Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
Exacto... y para poder jugarlo solo en emulador, prefiero esperar e intentar hacer las cosas bien. :)
dragonsden22 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
hola, hace tiempo subiste los dlc 4 de cloud, tifa, aeris y zack para dissidia duodecim, los tendras respaldados?? es que solo encuentro el video pero no el link para descargarlos, gracias
2PlayerWins Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Si es que el problema es que aún NO van en la PSP.
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